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New line of FullHD 960H video recorders (S.Korea)

A line of "Proto-X" 960H video recorders was updated with new 8-channel and 16-channel models, recording in 960Н Real Time format. PTX-UDR808 и PTX-UDR1616 - are the newest video recorders, designed by joint efforts of Russian engineers and Korean software developers. Devices are equipped with an intuitive anf friendly interface and also a maximal extended functionality, which is common for top-rated korean products and enables all advantages of an analog video surveillance system.

PTX-UDR808 / PTX-UDR1616
UDR Series features:

  • Record and playback in FullHD 960Н Real Time format;
  • Support of 8/16 video channels and 8/16 audio channels;
  • Fast forward and backward playback with a speed gain up to
      256 times;
  • Multi level user management (admin and 100 user accounts);
  • HDD stability monitoring using S.M.A.R.T function;
  • e-SATA support;
  • 3Tb SATA HDD support;
  • Easy DDNS using your own domain name or MAC address;
  • Dual network video stream (Н.264);
  • Remote DVR monitoring function;
  • Easy network setup using UPnP.

You can manage video recorders and their settings by free CMS, coming complete.

CMS features:

  • Synchronous playback of 64 video cameras;
  • Full access to settings and videos on a remote device;
  • Function of DVR locating on a map or ircuit;
  • Record on a local PC;
  • Remote PTZ control;
  • Various image settings;
  • Compatible with Windows OS and Mac OS.

A real-time video review and data playback can be realized with the help of iOS/Android mobile clients. The client supports an audio playback and PTZ control. "Landscape" and "Portrait" modes allow to review  and record video in the most convenient orientation.

Mobile client features:

  • iPhone, iPad, Android support;
  • Review and playback of 16 channels in Real Time;
  • Audio support;
  • PTZ control;
  • Remote DVR control;
  • Support of "Landscape" and "Portrait" modes.

New PTX-UDR808 иand PTX-UDR1616 video recorders by Proto-X provide an excellent image quality in FullHD format, fine adjustment under individual user tasks, convenient and understandable control with CMS and mobile client. An easy network setup simplyfies a work with the video recorder, and an existance of varios user levels gives an ability to differentiate the access to settings and data. Video recorders support such television formats as PAL and NTSC, which makes a cross functional usage of given devices.