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AHD camera

Video surveillance systems on a base of AHD technology capable to transmit HD/FullHD image via a coax at a distance of 500 m without latencies and losses.


Trihybrid AHD video recorders of 720p, supporting a work with AHD, IP and analog video cameras in different variations.

IP Camera

IP CCTV is IP security camera and IP video server connected to an IP network. Capturing and translation images are come in real time via network in order to watch, keep and manage video remotely. 


NVRs are designed for use in IP-CCTV, which requires a high performance for real-time monitoring, fault-tolerant large capacity of disk space for video archive, as well as recording video at high definition. Digital Video Recorders of "Proto-X" are created by using a unique technology of "Touch Sensor", thus eliminating the usual controls on the front panel and creating a exclusive design.

HD-SDI Camera

HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) is an accepted standard of communication and it can be used to transmit high definition signal in a digital mode via an analog infrastructure. HD-SDI technology enables uncompressed and unpacked digital signal with no loss of image data and no latency when viewing.


HD SDI DVRs are externally similar to classic video recorders. The only difference is that it can be connected to an HD SDI video camera. HD SDI DVR's advantage is a possibility of rapid transition from a conventional CCTV surveillance system to a system of HD SDI standard without changing cables.


CCTV Combo Kits are specially adapted sets of elements for independent installation. Cameras, video recorder and everything needed to build a video surveillance system - homeownership, cottages, cafe, halls, etc.. Simple instructions allow all users to quickly install and configure the Proto-X Combo by "7 Steps".


Signal processing’s device is represented by Proto-X twisted-pair cable. Video translation is realized via the duo of receiver and transmitter. In contrast to coaxial cable twisted-pair cable provides clear image with minimum costs.